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Jury at Symbiosis Institute of Technology Fashion Show, Pune.

It was pleasure to be a part of Symbiosis Family with such enthusiastic contestants...

Loved the Spirit of contestants at Fashion Show...

As I arrived at the Fashion Show at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, The organisers and volunteers made sure that I am comfortable at my place or If I needed anything. The people were so nice and respectful over there towards everybody and the fact that they all performed so well in the show as well made me feel like an achievement.

There were so many rounds of different collections, I saw different talents altogether. I saw some confidence in their walk, They were all stylish and innovative. They played with different colours, themes and style. They were all fabulous...!

They have honoured my presence as a Fashion Designer and businesswoman Pune. I would be looking forward to spend some time with the timeless Talents in Pune, I see people are growing in india in the world of fashion and style. I would not be surprised to see india becoming the most fashionable country in the near future...

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