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5 Tips to be Classy!

According to Indian fashion designer Toshi Chauhan, every woman is beautiful. But to be classy as well, she needs to give special attention to her grooming.

A classy woman knows her beauty inside while keeping her attitude clear and unmistakable on the outside.

1: Always wear beautiful clothes…

Clothes can change your look very quickly. One day you’re covered in dust from cleaning out your house, the next you’re smothered in silk, the belle of the ball!

Through your clothes everyone can see what mood you’re in. If you’re not feeling well, what you put on in the morning won’t interest you. But when you’re bright and lively, heading for a birthday party, nothing but your best outfit will do!

What you wear reveals much about your personality too. If you are a risk-taker, you might wear wacky discordant clothes. If you are a home-maker, your dresses might be demure solid colours. Whatever your style, go for elegance.

2: Keep your accessories nice and small…

Make sure you’re always wearing some little extra decorative item apart from your clothes. But let them be delicate and modest. No need for a huge display of gold or gemstones – a simple ring or pair of earrings for everyday use are enough to keep you elegant yet not flashy.

3: Clean your hair!

Your hair is the most beautiful part of your body – your crowning glory. Keep it freshly washed and styled whenever you go out. A gracefully groomed hairstyle will make you even more classy than you already are.

4: Let gratitude be your attitude!

Your attitude is what drives your personality. And your personality drives your dressing choices. If you are always grateful and open towards others, never arrogant, your natural human grace will show itself. Let your fresh and lively clothing choices reveal a positive, thankful attitude.

5: Speak gracefully…

The way you talk to others is how they will talk to you. So keep your communications soft and modulated, and speak as you would wish to be spoken to. Avoiding loud or harsh words makes for a gracious personality.

designs by Toshi Chauhan

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