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What to wear at your wedding...

Your wedding is your very special day. Make sure you appear glowing and radiant. A vibrant look in bright glistening colours will be sure to reveal you at your best and make everyone else gasp. Variations of orange and green, of red, yellow and blue are the best colours to aim for, depending on your own colouring and what suits you. But avoid dusky, neutral colours for your wedding. They tend to lower the mood.

Indian couturier and fashion designer Toshi Chauhan knows that your wedding day is the most special day of your life. It is not just a dream for you, it is a dream for everyone.

Your wedding day is the one day when you want your friends and family, as well as yourself, to feel you are living in a fairy tale.

Nothing achieves this fairy tale quality quite like the traditional Indian wedding dress, which excels in luxurious beauty, unlike any other in the world. Rich in embroidery and jewels, brocade and other ornamentation, one of India’s best gifts to matrimonial dreamers are these sumptuous sarees, lehengas, kurtis, anarkalis... gowns that take silks and satins and drape them from the top of your head to the floor at your feet in regal extravagance.

Take a look at this dress from Toshi Chauhan’s Bridal Collection. This is a tomato-red thakurari outfit of Rajasthani tradition. It is decked with mirror work, moti work and kundan embroidery, which illuminate its opulence and in turn enhances the natural loveliness of the bride.

Showcasing traditional gowns from all parts of the country also promotes Indian culture and exposes its enduring beauty.

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