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Toshi Chauhan

Toshi Chauhan is a bold young Indian couturier fresh on the scene. She offers a rare mix of traditional Rajasthani and 21st-century Indian styles, blending the glamour of our rich costume heritage with the edginess of modern fashion.

Her traditional-style clothing understands that the more relaxed you feel, the more stunning you look. So she designs pieces where your overall appearance is paramount, but your comfort is vital.

Toshi’s custom-designed dresses are created in close contract with your own ideas. You and she will work together with a variety of impressions so as to harmoniously balance your dream outfits with her imagination and expertise.

Born in Rajasthan, where the wealth of textiles and hand-crafted ornamentation is at the peak of perfection, Toshi always wanted to represent the regal cultural heritage of her home state. In that ‘land of kings’, it was her early exposure to items of lush beauty that inspired her to start designing clothes.

Besides being a designer, Toshi is also an artist – a painter who uses colour on canvas to express her inner silence and joy.

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